Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Beautiful Shade

Mission style furniture isn't my favorite type, but I really liked the potential that I saw in this little table when I saw it.  (Yes, you recognize my favorite Ryobi tools in the background, lol).  I liked it even more when I was told that the shade on the matching table was different because THIS one was made by hand, by the woman that was selling it!  I really felt that the lines of the shade matched the mission style very well, with all of the angles.  What I didn't care for was the....brown.  I also felt that the light pole was awkward, because it was black.  I waited a while until I decided how I would change it up.  There is something about this time of year that inspires me to paint in blues and greens.  I think it is the acres of white snow I see!  I painted this in layers of cream, light blue, mint green, turquoise and glints of gold glaze.  I distressed small areas for visual interest
Because most of the top is protected by a removable piece of glass(original to the table), I used a hand-rubbed wax finish on the piece.  I wish I could capture the colors better, but I think the body of the table complements the shade much better now.  
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  1. Oh yes, much better with a fresh coat of paint. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  2. Beautiful transformation - love the color.