Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Twins! and a Wagner Heat Gun

    First off, if I go this long without posting it usually means that I am REALLY busy, with multiple projects!  That is exactly the case this time.  Besides the dressers, I was working on a lamp...still needs work,
Made from an old record player, no way near done.......I am also working on an industrial/farm house table and I am very excited about it, but am needing more work room.

These dresser are each 33 1/2 inches tall, 23 1/2 across the front and 13 1/2 inches back to front.  It is hard to tell from the pictures but the blue is a light metallic blue color.  The drawers can be mixed and matched.  I used my Wagner heat gun to remove the old stickers and thick paint.  First, I would like to point out that whenever you use a tool, follow the manufacturers directions!  Even then, you may want be ready,  in case all does not go as planned.  My first attempt at using a heat gun to remove paint about a year ago, ended as though I was being filmed for an old episode of "I Love Lucy."  Before it was done, I was sprinting away from our log home, flaming heat gun dangling from it's cord and tossing it onto the gravel driveway yelling and throwing gravel on it!  As usual, my family didn't  notice, even though they were all in the kitchen and should have seen or heard me, lol.  I called the company and after we discussed what had happened, I was assured that since I was working above the piece  and did not have any paint falling into it, it should not have burst into flames......good to know!  The company kindly sent me a new heat gun.  I finally got over my fear of it and decided that these dressers would be a great way to test out the new heat gun.  I found it to be quite handy and certainly, I used far less sandpaper, although I am not sure it was a quicker way to remove the paint.  I was really battling sore shoulders and arms, so that did not help.  
As you can see the paint bubbles up and then you are able to scrape the old paint off.  I lightly sanded the pieces after the majority of the paint was removed this way.  Two of the drawers were quite beyond saving, so now there are shelves in the spaces where the top drawers would be.  This cute pair would be great in small spaces or in a baby or young child's room.  With a few accessories, they could easily be used in a boy or girl's room.  

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  1. Super cute makeover. It's hard to believe that these are the same dressers. I also love the colors!

  2. I am afraid of heat guns so you must be a brave woman to try one again after it bursting into flames. I love the twins - great choices of colors.

  3. Thanks, Donna. Believe me, at this point I am super careful, and don't let it get too hot. Not sure why anyone would use the hottest settings, yikes!!!!!

  4. Wow! What a huge difference and I LOVE the colors!

  5. Thanks so much Amanda! I delivered them today and my customer was super happy with them!!