Monday, April 20, 2015

The Alice Dresser

    This dresser came to me needing quite a bit of repair.  Deep scratches, a splintered back, and the left leg of the apron on the bottom front was broken off.  Since the apron is not actually the leg, but more of a false front, I was hopeful I might be able to fix it.
    I removed the splintered back, took out the drawers, and removed the apron.  After sanding, many scratches needed to be filled.  It looked like someone had taken a sharp object to the fronts of most 
of  the drawers.  There was so much damage that the finish is still not flawless and there are some blemishes but this dresser is sturdy and useful. 
    The addition to the leg of the apron is not perfect and flaws can be seen close up, but once again, this dresser has gone from unusable to useful again.  
    The color I chose for the dresser is Manhattan Mist by Behr, and it is a gray shade that seems almost blue.  There is a bit of silver glaze on the rope detail and on the faux drawer fronts on the third drawer from the top.   Decoupage has been become popular again, and I love these characters.

.  They are copies of the original Alice in Wonderland characters by John Tenniel.  I colorized them to look as thought they were done with watercolors, before I added them to the dresser.
    I added a brand new sturdy two-piece back to finish it off.  The dimensions on this are 50 1/2 inches tall, 18 inches front to back, and 33 1/4 across the front.  This dresser has gone from being possibly destined for the landfill, to a cute usable piece.  I can see this in a nursery or child's room, or in any Alice lover's home.
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