Monday, June 8, 2015

Flour or Flower, more planters!!

    I seem to have lots of ideas for planters this year.  The fact that I am at the Farmer's Market means that having some unique planters with flowers is a great idea, especially when it will be quite a while before I have veggies for sale in the cooler on the porch.  Although I may have Oregano on Weds!
I didn't use the flour sifter and only had it for display.  It was missing a small piece on the bottom, so I thought it would make a really cute planter.  It has a purple and yellow viola  in it.  I love the color of this old cast iron sink, and with a few rocks in the bottom the drain is perfect for allowing extra water to drain out.  This has violas in it also.  They are such easy keepers and violas and pansies are my favorite.  These will be at the Farmer's Market on Wednesday!
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  1. Flour Pour, oops, I mean Flower Power! Hope Market Day was a success.

  2. Thanks Donna! The market is going well this year!