Friday, July 24, 2015

"Grandma" and friends

    I was asked if I could fix some chairs.  The customer wanted the remaining arms(one was missing from each) removed.  The old chair on the far left had belonged to the customer's grandmother and she was missing 3 pieces, as you can see in the picture below.
    As usual, I forgot to get a before picture of the two on the right, this, of course is after I had removed the arms.  I filled the holes, stained the filler and put poly on top of that.  The holes are a little lighter than I would like, but the customer was interested mostly in function and did not want the chairs sanded and restained.
    Grandma was a little bit more difficult.  I sacrificed a couple of old(and ugly) chairs for parts to fix her.  The chairs were given to me, and they are probably about the same age, although not the same type of wood.  They are oak, always remember, oak is HARD, lol.  I was able to use the pegs and the three stretchers from those oak chairs.  I had to cut off the old pegs and drill new holes for pegs from different parts of the old oak chairs, because the holes for Grandma's stretchers were much smaller.
    I pegged and glued the stretchers in place.  I also took the old metal feet off of the bottom of the old chairs and added them to her, since she had some originally and they were gone.  Then, her old dry wood was treated with some Howard's Wax and Feed.  It really does a great job on old dry wood, without changing the character.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Shabby cabinet.....

    I have realized for a while I have not been utilizing my space in my Farmer's Market cabin in the best way.  I love the long 72 inch table that I made, but it has not sold.  Because of that a lot of things are on it and below it.  It really does not follow the "rule" of drawing the eye upward.  It also is nearly impossible to layer my small items.
 I have had this dresser since last summer.  I honestly had never seen one like it.
    Heavy doesn't even define it well.  It had a tiny little undersized mirror screwed onto the top.  It is tall standing above my waist, right about counter height.  When I looked at it at the garage sale, I really thought I would eventually turn it into a kitchen island and at $10 it was a steal, an ugly steal, but a steal, forward a year.  It was still sitting around and nothing had been done.  I also had the top to a china cabinet that was mounted to one of our walls.  It was an awkward place for it and it was time to move it.  A nagging thought at the back of my mind was that it could be mounted on this dresser and become a massive china cabinet.  I finally decided to give it a try.  I removed the doors from the cabinet, because I wanted open shelves for displaying at the cabin.  The middle doors in the dresser were also removed, because they were broken.  They are really heavy, as are the drawers, the sides of which are an inch thick!  Certainly heavy enough to have been used for an island, and sturdy enough and large enough to hold pans!  I think I can pull them part-way out and display things in them.  
    A good scrubbing followed by some chalk paint in a denim color, with a wash of gray over it, and it sure does look like a massive china cabinet!  My friend Donna Wilkes: sent me the wonderful fabric and I put it on cafe rings, strung on fabric and held with hooks, so that I don't have to cut the fabric.  Then I hung it on the back of the cabinet.
    I really love this piece now and after the market is over it may come back home!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Mahogany desk

    I just finished this desk a couple of days ago.  The owners asked me to make her pretty and it was my pleasure to do it.  I love these mahogany pieces....they are so beautiful that I really hate to paint them, and I know I've said that many more times than anyone likes to hear!!  These pieces were  relatively easy to find here, but they are becoming more desirable and harder to find.  They were commonly found on the military bases up here.  I was able to sand the top and apply gel stain, use some oil and gel stain on the rest of her, and then I added 3 coats of  Polyacrylic.  This is how she looked before her beauty treatment....
    She was a nice sturdy desk, but had quite a few nicks and scratches and was a bit faded looking.
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Pickin' in July

     Hadn't had a chance to really do a pick in a while and I finally got to do it last week.  It wasn't a huge pick, but I found some pretty cool things.  I'll put some pictures here, a lot of this will be showing up at the cabin.
    Antique oilers, one still has a paper tag!
    Needle card with most of the needles

    My favorite item, a Shortrip case, with key!!  Leather and in such good shape I did a double take!
    Lots of linens, and some china, not pictured.  Feel free to check out my Facebook albums to see more!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Antique Walnut twin bed


    I bought this beautiful bed last winter.  The man I got it from was over 60 and he said it had been his bed as a child, and he did not know the history before that.  I felt that rather than refinish it, I would clean, repair, and refresh the wood.  I used some Danish Oil in Walnut and then waxed it.  It is a standard twin size.  It is missing the little knob on the top of the one side of the headboard, but it is still a very pretty piece.  It would be beautiful in a guest room covered in quilts!!  I have a rocking chair in the cabin that would look wonderful sitting next to it.
     The bed should be at the cabin on Saturday(and the chair too!!)
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Newest cart!

    Since I seem to be stuck on planters and carts, let's continue the theme!!  Last summer I was given a cradle.  I'm not sure what the current safety regulations are on those types of things, so I felt some re-purposing was in order!  I used the frame for my ammo box bookshelf last year, it was the perfect size.  I thought that the cradle part would make a cute wagon, but I wasn't sure about wheels.  I found wagon wheels in my stash of stuff and they worked perfectly.  I added a small piece of wood and a small table leg for a  hitch.  The two metal pieces where the cradle used to hang from were just right to stretch a home-made banner on.  I can see this in the garden, or in a child's room for stuffed animals.
The frame from the cradle became the frame for the ammo box bookcase:
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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Blog friends

    Really, one of the miracles of this age is being able to be friends with people long distance.  What a blessing it is!  You can connect with people who have the same interests.  You may never meet them in person but you feel a connection and it opens up a whole new world.  I have read Donna's Blog
for quite a while.  She is funny, smart, a good writer and finds the best things!  She is the self-proclaimed rust goddess!!!  Her posts about her craft area, named the "Horror Monster," are so funny.  When she expressed an interest in an Alaskan license plate I was more than happy to send her one.  I do have a confession to make though....I sent a few other little things and in looking back, I was so excited I am pretty sure I left the price tags on....head desk, so embarrassing.  At least I have confessed it publicly....sigh.  I hope she forgives me.
     I got this box of fabrics, so much, so lovely and vintage....there are even a few of her darling hand made hang tags!  When you visit her blog, make sure to make the hop on over to her Etsy store, where you will see more!  Thank you so much Donna!!!  I am so glad we are blogging and Facebook friends!!!