Thursday, July 9, 2015

Antique Walnut twin bed


    I bought this beautiful bed last winter.  The man I got it from was over 60 and he said it had been his bed as a child, and he did not know the history before that.  I felt that rather than refinish it, I would clean, repair, and refresh the wood.  I used some Danish Oil in Walnut and then waxed it.  It is a standard twin size.  It is missing the little knob on the top of the one side of the headboard, but it is still a very pretty piece.  It would be beautiful in a guest room covered in quilts!!  I have a rocking chair in the cabin that would look wonderful sitting next to it.
     The bed should be at the cabin on Saturday(and the chair too!!)
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  1. What a beautiful bed !! Sometime's you have to go with the warmth of the wood an not paint !!!!!! My 17 yr old son sleep's in my grandfather's bed that is tiger maple. If alive he would be 109 now.A paintbrush will never touch that bed :)) Love the rocker also. Have a great weekend, Tammy

  2. Thanks Tammy, oh, what a treasure to have!! You are so lucky....I remember when my parents took a load of antique furniture to the dump.....I guess people then were sick of living with the old stuff, it makes me so sad.