Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Blog friends

    Really, one of the miracles of this age is being able to be friends with people long distance.  What a blessing it is!  You can connect with people who have the same interests.  You may never meet them in person but you feel a connection and it opens up a whole new world.  I have read Donna's Blog
for quite a while.  She is funny, smart, a good writer and finds the best things!  She is the self-proclaimed rust goddess!!!  Her posts about her craft area, named the "Horror Monster," are so funny.  When she expressed an interest in an Alaskan license plate I was more than happy to send her one.  I do have a confession to make though....I sent a few other little things and in looking back, I was so excited I am pretty sure I left the price tags on....head desk, so embarrassing.  At least I have confessed it publicly....sigh.  I hope she forgives me.
     I got this box of fabrics, so much, so lovely and vintage....there are even a few of her darling hand made hang tags!  When you visit her blog, make sure to make the hop on over to her Etsy store, where you will see more!  Thank you so much Donna!!!  I am so glad we are blogging and Facebook friends!!!


  1. Marti, I am so glad you liked the fabric Horror Monster sent to you. He was so excited to have a piece of him in Alaska. I expect to see a project using some of it. I am excited to get the tag and see what other goodies you included!

  2. Ah, how sweet. I love Donna too and she is very special. If you haven't visited my blog, please do so and read about the post I did on Donna. Seems that many other bloggers share our fondness for her too.


  3. I love Donna, too! I can't help it! There's a lot of fun to be had at her blog!

  4. I know, and she find the BEST stuff!!!

  5. Donna is the best of the best !!! Her blog is wonderful, love all her junk find's and tip's on painting,etc. I've purchased some of her wonderful tag's among many other thing's from her Etsy shop. Well, I'm a new follower of your's, your post's sound's interesting !! Take care, TT from Ohio

  6. Thanks so much Tammy!! Donna is the best!