Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Newest cart!

    Since I seem to be stuck on planters and carts, let's continue the theme!!  Last summer I was given a cradle.  I'm not sure what the current safety regulations are on those types of things, so I felt some re-purposing was in order!  I used the frame for my ammo box bookshelf last year, it was the perfect size.  I thought that the cradle part would make a cute wagon, but I wasn't sure about wheels.  I found wagon wheels in my stash of stuff and they worked perfectly.  I added a small piece of wood and a small table leg for a  hitch.  The two metal pieces where the cradle used to hang from were just right to stretch a home-made banner on.  I can see this in the garden, or in a child's room for stuffed animals.
The frame from the cradle became the frame for the ammo box bookcase:
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  1. How cute !! You really know how to re- purpose an item. I'm not sure where I'd put it, but I sure would find a place.Great job :)) Take care, TT

  2. You saw a cart in an ammo box, a crib and a table leg!?! Genius!

  3. Thanks Donna! Actually, the ammo boxes were added to the original frame from the cradle. I am adding a picture of that!

  4. found you via funky junk link up. Love this