Monday, July 20, 2015

Pickin' in July

     Hadn't had a chance to really do a pick in a while and I finally got to do it last week.  It wasn't a huge pick, but I found some pretty cool things.  I'll put some pictures here, a lot of this will be showing up at the cabin.
    Antique oilers, one still has a paper tag!
    Needle card with most of the needles

    My favorite item, a Shortrip case, with key!!  Leather and in such good shape I did a double take!
    Lots of linens, and some china, not pictured.  Feel free to check out my Facebook albums to see more!


  1. Love everything you picked.....but that Shortrip case , the BEST !!!! TT

  2. Isn't it of those things that is so hard not to keep. It has a couple of rubs, but overall amazing condition!