Friday, September 25, 2015

Road Trip Part 2

     It seems that I can only post so many pictures per blog post, so here is the rest of the Road Trip
    Kelly and a friend made this piano bar a while back, I love it, probably one of my favorite things in the shop.  You can just see the back of one of the Hoosier cupboards that he brought back.  You don't find those up here!  
    Stage light, architectural cross and probably the two most coveted pieces of the day, the library card catalogs!  A die-hard customer had stationed herself  and a friend at each door, several hours before opening and they successfully snagged them up!  It was fun to watch the crowd, after I was able to snag two of the items that I wanted, seconds after opening.  These  cameras were items that I really wanted!

    These registers were on my list to acquire.  They are out of a house that was an underground slave house in Ohio.....I have some projects planned for them.
    While I was watching the fun, I was approached by a young reporter for the local paper.  I must have been looking particularly smug sitting with my cameras, lol.  I was surprised to see the article in the paper a few days later.
    I found the typewriter at a different stop while I was in the Valley, I am pretty sure these things find me, as I was not even thinking of finding one, but have wanted one for a while.  These pieces are on display at my home, but will be part of the vintage rental items, for photo shoots, etc.
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Short Road Trip

    As my Facebook readers know, I took a couple of days off earlier this month to run down to Wasilla.  My son and his family are there, so it is always a good opportunity to visit with them.  I also wanted to attend the Fall Alaska Picker Day.   Kelly Turney and Becky Green run a great shop in Wasilla, which is about 6 hours away.  Since the weather was beautiful and the fall colors were spectacular it was a great time for a drive.  I didn't take any pictures on the way down, but had a lot of fun taking them and posting to my Facebook page on the way home.

    I love fall, and we don't always have a long enough one to enjoy the colors, but they were so beautiful and this trip was just what I needed.  A peaceful, non-stressful drive on my own, in good weather!
    Kelly had recently been down to the lower '48, to gather a trailer and truck load of goodies for collectors in Alaska, who don't always have access to some collectible/vintage/antique items.  He did not disappoint in the items he had been able to acquire!
see part 2

Friday, September 18, 2015

Custom China Cabinet

    I am just finishing this cabinet up and getting it ready to deliver this week.  I really like this piece.  The wood was pretty dry and needed some care.  The door no longer has glass in it, although it seems like most of these that I have seen are missing their glass also.  I glued and clamped the door and refinished the outside of the cabinet.  I touched up the inside also.  I have seen quite a few of these used to display folded colorful quilts.  The colors just pop up against the dark wood.  I wish the lighting were better in this house, it is not nearly as dark as it looks.  My customer sent this much better picture of her cabinet in place.  I wish I could take better pictures, the lighting in our house gets worse as we get closer to winter.  I often use a special Ott light when I am working on my projects so I can see better while I am working on projects.
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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why I Didn't Keep the Shabby Blue Cabinet.......

    I had originally thought about keeping the blue cabinet that I put together and painted for Rescue Rehab's summer home at the Highways End Farmer's Market.  I was going to bring it home and use it in my kitchen, replacing this cabinet that I bought a couple of years ago.

    I really liked the blue cabinet, it had a lot of room, and was very sturdy.  Everyone who came into the cabin seemed to really like it too.  This cabinet in my kitchen was shabby too...really shabby, and chippy.....and (ugh) boring brown.  I had tried to find out more about it but was never successful.  I was a little concerned about painting it, but the finish was so bad, that I finally decided that it really didn't matter.  I love the carved flowers and the leaded glass windows.  The problem with the windows is that everything about the cabinet was so dark they really didn't show up very well.  Another problem, with even thinking about moving the cabinet is that the right front bun foot was glued in place.  It is pretty heavy, so when we set it in place I glued the foot and put it together.  It hasn't been move since, and I am a little reluctant to put much strain on it by moving it.  
    I decided to mix up some thick white chalk paint and give this cabinet a couple of coats on just the outside.  It brightens up the kitchen now and I like it so much better.

    It is still somewhat difficult to see the detail in the the windows, and I am not sure that painting the inside of the cabinet white will change that much, but I may try it.  I am thinking of maybe putting a few battery powered lights inside.  Have you ever seen a similar cabinet?  Let me know if you have.  I am very curious about its origins.  I am behind in my blogging and have several posts planned, although they will be a little out of order......
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Friday, September 4, 2015

Custom buffet, First Annual Rescue Rehab Garage Sale and more!

    I have so many things going on right now and have been so busy!  I am trying to change things up around my really gets neglected during the summer.  I just finished this buffet.  It was pretty worn and I just missed it when it was posted on a local Facebook sale page for free.  Customers of mine were lucky enough to get it, and I was able to make her pretty again for them.
    It's really interesting that if you look across the large doors, you can tell that the six pieces of lumber must have all been sliced up from the same tree, as variations in the grain run across both doors.  This piece had to be completely stripped because of the condition of the finish.  I also had to fill and disguise holes that had been where the original pulls had been.  I intended to replace some of the pulls, so that they would all match, but the ones I had available were just a tiny bit too small.  This is how she looked before I worked on her:

    I am really looking forward to working on this next piece for Jesse and Duane, and I made her promise that I have first dibs if she decides not to keep it!  Wouldn't this look wonderful filled with colorful quilts!!
    In other news, tomorrow is the last day my cabin will be open.  Summer is over.  It is a bit sad, but I have had a wonderful summer, because I HAVE THE BEST CUSTOMERS!!!  I love being at the Market and having people stop by.  While it is fun to visit with summer vacationers, I love and value my local friends.  Your words of encouragement mean EVERYTHING!  There are still bargains to be had so if you are out and about tomorrow please stop in.
    Sunday and Monday from 10-5 will be the First Annual Rescue Rehab Garage Sale.  It will be located out on the Alaska Highway(going towards Tok), between Delta Meat and Sausage and the Snowhook.  I need to lighten the load a bit.  I have lots of pieces my customers would like me to complete over the winter and my family has been asking me to reduce my stash, so that is what I am doing.  Many of the items will be marked with red tags, which means "Let's Make a Deal".  Make me an offer and we will work from there.  I can do custom work on a piece you choose for an additional fee, but I will need you to take it home first because I have customers currently waiting for me to finish their pieces.  
    If you have been eyeing the pallet bar or the chippy man cave door at the shop, this would be the time to take another look at them.
    It is time to start our home schooling year.....after all the years I am now down to four kids....looks like I will have a little more time this winter.