Friday, September 4, 2015

Custom buffet, First Annual Rescue Rehab Garage Sale and more!

    I have so many things going on right now and have been so busy!  I am trying to change things up around my really gets neglected during the summer.  I just finished this buffet.  It was pretty worn and I just missed it when it was posted on a local Facebook sale page for free.  Customers of mine were lucky enough to get it, and I was able to make her pretty again for them.
    It's really interesting that if you look across the large doors, you can tell that the six pieces of lumber must have all been sliced up from the same tree, as variations in the grain run across both doors.  This piece had to be completely stripped because of the condition of the finish.  I also had to fill and disguise holes that had been where the original pulls had been.  I intended to replace some of the pulls, so that they would all match, but the ones I had available were just a tiny bit too small.  This is how she looked before I worked on her:

    I am really looking forward to working on this next piece for Jesse and Duane, and I made her promise that I have first dibs if she decides not to keep it!  Wouldn't this look wonderful filled with colorful quilts!!
    In other news, tomorrow is the last day my cabin will be open.  Summer is over.  It is a bit sad, but I have had a wonderful summer, because I HAVE THE BEST CUSTOMERS!!!  I love being at the Market and having people stop by.  While it is fun to visit with summer vacationers, I love and value my local friends.  Your words of encouragement mean EVERYTHING!  There are still bargains to be had so if you are out and about tomorrow please stop in.
    Sunday and Monday from 10-5 will be the First Annual Rescue Rehab Garage Sale.  It will be located out on the Alaska Highway(going towards Tok), between Delta Meat and Sausage and the Snowhook.  I need to lighten the load a bit.  I have lots of pieces my customers would like me to complete over the winter and my family has been asking me to reduce my stash, so that is what I am doing.  Many of the items will be marked with red tags, which means "Let's Make a Deal".  Make me an offer and we will work from there.  I can do custom work on a piece you choose for an additional fee, but I will need you to take it home first because I have customers currently waiting for me to finish their pieces.  
    If you have been eyeing the pallet bar or the chippy man cave door at the shop, this would be the time to take another look at them.
    It is time to start our home schooling year.....after all the years I am now down to four kids....looks like I will have a little more time this winter.


  1. Boy Marti , you know your wood and just how to beautify it !!! I love fall, my favorite time of year here in Ohio. It has to be bittersweet for you... next year will be here before you know it.
    Too bad I didn't live closer or we'd be playing "Let's Make a Deal ". I'm sure I'd take a load
    off of your hand's !! Take care, TT

  2. Thanks so much Tammy! Boy I have neglected my blog lately! I love fall too, but it is so short here. I am originally from Indiana, so I remember so vividly what fall in that part of the country is like. Love the beautiful arrangements that Donna showed on her blog, you are so talented!

    1. Thank you Marti !! I do flower's, then I paint , then I hit an auction, then I do primitive cross stitching, short attention span.We haven't had a frost here yet , but the evening's are in the low 50s and the yellow jacket's are out !!! Take care and thank you again :-))