Friday, September 25, 2015

Road Trip Part 2

     It seems that I can only post so many pictures per blog post, so here is the rest of the Road Trip
    Kelly and a friend made this piano bar a while back, I love it, probably one of my favorite things in the shop.  You can just see the back of one of the Hoosier cupboards that he brought back.  You don't find those up here!  
    Stage light, architectural cross and probably the two most coveted pieces of the day, the library card catalogs!  A die-hard customer had stationed herself  and a friend at each door, several hours before opening and they successfully snagged them up!  It was fun to watch the crowd, after I was able to snag two of the items that I wanted, seconds after opening.  These  cameras were items that I really wanted!

    These registers were on my list to acquire.  They are out of a house that was an underground slave house in Ohio.....I have some projects planned for them.
    While I was watching the fun, I was approached by a young reporter for the local paper.  I must have been looking particularly smug sitting with my cameras, lol.  I was surprised to see the article in the paper a few days later.
    I found the typewriter at a different stop while I was in the Valley, I am pretty sure these things find me, as I was not even thinking of finding one, but have wanted one for a while.  These pieces are on display at my home, but will be part of the vintage rental items, for photo shoots, etc.
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