Monday, February 1, 2016

Hunter Orange

    The third project completed for the same family is this toy box.
    The little guy had outgrown the original paint job and the family wanted his toy box to be painted orange.  It is a nice sturdy little box, that needed some tightening and new hinges.  I tried to choose very safe hinges for a toy box and I really like these.  There is a screw that you can tighten on each hinge to regulate how much pressure you need to open and close it.  That way they can adjust it so that it cannot slam shut on little hands.  Here is the before picture:
    Delivery this week!
    Next up are 2 larger projects, my daughter's kitchen set and a very nice old desk.  I also have some dining chairs to work on soon.  If you have contacted me to do a project for you, please remind me if I have not contacted you lately!
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Still here!!!

Lol, I cannot believe it has been this long since I posted.  I have been busy.  Besides picking here and there and painting furniture, there were the holidays, a project I forgot to take pictures of, babysitting, and working on a fitness plan.  I've decided to commit to living a long life in order to annoy my children, lol!  I haven't experienced a huge weight loss, but I feel great and ride my exercise bike for 45 minutes a day and have begun a kettle bell work out also.
    I was asked to re paint this cute little chair for a nice young family.  I did another chair right before Christmas for them also.  Removing all of the paint from the nooks and corners was a bit challenging.  It also needed a little bit of repair.  Three coats of paint and some polyacrylic and it will be ready to deliver this week.  On some of these older pine pieces it is a it difficult to get a smooth finish, but it is a sturdy little chair with a nice new paint job and the family hopes to keep it and love it for years.