Sunday, April 17, 2016

Updated dining set

    My daughter has had this little dining set for quite a few years.....I forgot to take a before  picture....are you surprised, lol?  It was sleek and modern, black, and fit her apartment needs at the time.  She now has a home and wanted an updated look to her little set.  She has painted quite a few pieces of furniture and was fully capable of redoing this set herself, but she asked if I would do it instead.  When she said it wasn't real wood I  took her word for it, as I had never looked at it that closely.  I was prepared to use Zinsser on it before painting, because of that.  I had been curious about deglosser though, and decided to use that  instead of sanding.  I am a firm believer in ALWAYS sanding, but since I would undoubtedly be asked to redo it, if the finish didn't hold up, I decided to give it a try.  I found that you are supposed to paint over the deglosser within an hour of applying it and you could feel the paint seem to grab on to it.  My daughter wanted 2 green chairs, 2 white chairs and a white table all with distressing.  She was happy with the new look.  I am still a firm believer in sanding, but I will be watching how this holds up....I will let you know!
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Monday, April 11, 2016

Re-purposed Table

    I have to say it, this is one of my favorite pieces EVER!  I would normally put sewing machine parts that I bought back together again. When I realized several pieces were missing though, I began to think of things I could make out of the parts I did have.  A couple of years ago we went in and salvaged things out of a log cabin that was later burned down.  There was a really nice, large cutting board that my son-in-law worked extra hard to remove.  Doug is always so generous in lending a hand!  Can I just ask though....don't you clean your cutting boards???????  I mean there are different ways to do it if you are afraid to wet it down good.  I think an old fashioned way was to rub dough on it to get extra flour off, scrape it, then salt and lemon juice?  This may have never been cleaned!  I had to scrape, sand, and scrape some more, then use degreaser to get all of the gunk off....yuck!  But it was pretty wood and still has enough marks and imperfections to go well with the cast iron legs. After I measured and drilled holes in the cutting board I bolted the cutting board to the legs.  I countersunk the holes and added stainable putty so it would have a smooth  surface,  I wanted the top to be pretty dark.  This piece is sold and will be used to display and photograph apparel, most of which is quite colorful, so I think it will make a lovely contrast.  I used Minwax walnut stain, and then mahogany gel stain over that.  I did repaint the legs and repaint the letters gold.  I think she is a beauty!
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Monday, April 4, 2016

Twin drop leaf tables

    I bought these tables at a barn sale last fall.  Once again they are pieces that came from a military base.  Mahogany finished pieces are very popular  and always sell well.  They didn't match perfectly, but they were close enough.
        There were screws that needed to be tightened, but the hinges for the leaves worked perfectly(and pinched quite well when I wasn't careful enough!).  There were a couple of chips on the corners that I fixed and places where the tops needed to be glued and clamped.  I added felt dots  where the wings had hit the sides when they had been dropped down a little too roughly and damaged the aprons.  They got a new finish with Minwax Poly Shades in mahogany and are a much closer match in color.  They have been delivered to their new home.
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