Wednesday, May 25, 2016

China cabinet

    This china cabinet came from the estate sale of an elderly acquaintance.  I got there a bit early and I was in grab and go mode, which means I didn't really have a lot of time to look things over.  This piece really perplexes me but I have come to the conclusion that it had to be home made.  It seems to be made of several types of wood and different types of hardware, some of which seems to have been replaced a time or two.  No maker's mark at all.  The oddest thing is on the inside of the doors, rather than have matching pieces of wood, there appears to be wood putty formed to match and re-enforce the front pieces.  That would have been fine, except for the fact that it was a non-hardening putty and was soft and slightly sticky.  Fortunately the chalk paint that I used took care of that.  The wood did not have a pretty grain so I didn't have any second thoughts about painting it. I have a display piece in the cabin and people have loved the color, so I used the same green on this, with white to give it a very chippy shabby look.  It is a little darker than the pictures here show.  One of the side windows was broken and before I started to paint it, it got knocked over and the other window broke.  After trying a few different solutions I decided it looked best just leaving it as is with no windows on the sides.  The last reason that I think this may have been home made is that it is very front heavy.  It really needs some weight in the back or to be anchored to a wall for safety.  It is a cute piece and I especially like the fretwork on the door.  It will be at the cabin on Saturday.  I remembered to get a before picture when it was laying down.

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  1. You have a talent for taking forlorn pieces and giving them new life, Marti! Thanks so much for linking up your project at Vintage Charm :)

  2. Thank you so much Diana! Thank you also for such a great link party!