Friday, May 6, 2016

Military Trunk

    I picked up this great old military trunk or foot locker at a sale last fall.  I didn't take a lot of time to look it over.  I could tell it was in good shape and snapped it up.  It was in my greenhouse waiting for me to work on it for several months.  When I opened it, I was so happy to see that the tray was inside and was in excellent condition!
    I am not sure, but if I were to guess I would say it was from the time of the Korean War or WW II era, based on the fact that it has its original handles that are wooden.  I would have loved to find a soldier's name or the name of a company that had made it, but I didn't find either.  I did not want to paint it and hide its history.  I scraped off a lot of the non-original paint, trying hard not to scrape off the military green.  After a good scrubbing I rubbed it down with Howard's Wax and it has a great patina with the two tones of green and the natural wood darkened by the wax.  It would be a great coffee table and the tray could sit on the top to hold drinks, etc.  This is a great piece and will be at the cabin on opening day!
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  1. What a lucky find and so nice to see that the inside is in such great shape. A little waxing was all this beauty needed. Thank your linking up with Talk of the Town.

  2. First time here...coming for a visit from Vintage Charm! Thought I would drop in & say hi. I love your trunk! And would love to see it after you get it in your house and using it for a coffee table! Great find!