Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mining box re-do

    I always buy any kind of box, crate or trunk that I come across.  They are fun to re-purpose and so useful.  It's even better if they come with a story!  This was used in gold mining.  There was a wooden tray with a grate that set down inside of this box for sifting.  That was turned into a fun tray with a Farmer's Market stencil.  I wanted to try a transfer using our new printer, so I went to to find one.  I settled on this graphic, which I reversed and applied.  I had some problems with the transfer, so I left some of the paper on and applied some poly over it.  I also used some maple gel stain to give it a nice patina.  You could use it in so many different ways.  Here I filled it with some bright yellow artificial flowers.  It will be at the cabin on opening day!
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  1. Great re-do! The pig you chose is one of my favorite graphics--I've used it once and loved it :)

  2. The pig graphic is great and looks so good on your crate. Thank you so much for sharing at Vintage Charm.