Saturday, May 7, 2016


    If you know me, you know that even though I like to re-purpose things, you also know that if I can restore something I would prefer to do that.  When I bought this sewing machine it was all in a box.  All the pieces were supposed to be there, but unfortunately they weren't.  I made a table from the wonderful legs.  I like that the frame was still there for these drawers.  I cleaned and waxed the set that had the nicest finish and painted the other set in shabby chic style.  They are great display pieces!  This treadle machine is the model 28 Singer Sphinx....such a great graphic!  These will be available at the cabin next weekend!
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  1. I recently purchased a vintage Singer too. The cabinet is missing a piece so I am going to use the parts somewhat like you did. These vintage sewing machines are so lovely. Thank you for sharing yours at Vintage Charm.

  2. Thank you Sharon! I think this machine embodies what I love about so many old things. Utilitarian items were embellished so beautifully.