Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wine Barrel Table is done!

    I posted a sneak peek picture of this table on my Facebook page a while back.  I needed to do a little tweaking before it was done and I am picking up a nicer piece of glass for it next week before it heads to the cabin for opening day.  I really like this one!  First of all, a little wine barrel info.  Did you know they are used for wine for 2-6 years?  When they have exhausted the flavor that they impart to wine, they are sold as planters.  I always wondered if they were really used for wine.  I added nice steel and rubber wheels, stained the inside and outside, then added some Spanish Moss and a couple pf older, found,  moose antler sheds.  The top is from an older military mahogany table whose legs were in really bad condition.  I cut a hole in the top, added tabs to hold the glass and then added felt all the way around the edge.  To add lighting so the interior could be highlighted, I screwed in cup hooks and ran a string of lights around the underside of the top.  The display inside comes with the table, but the new owner could certainly add more Alaskan treasures to it.  Opening day at the Farmer's Market is May 14th, mark your calendars!  Shared at


  1. This is truly gorgeous! I didn't know they actually used the barrels for wine either.

  2. What a fun table! Thank you for sharing it @Vintage Charm!