Friday, July 29, 2016

Oak Piano Bench

    The owner of this bench wanted it to be stained and recovered.  It is a nice old oak bench and with a little care it will still be around for a lot longer.    I filled holes, glued and clamped a split and did several other repairs.  I did sand, but did not fix every little nick.  I didn't want it to lose its character.  The owner brought me a gray stain that she had used on her cabinets, some foam, and fabric.  After sanding I applied the stain  and after waiting two days, I applied Howard's Wax and Feed.  It is very easy to use and I have always been happy with it.  After about twenty minutes I rubbed the excess off.  Before the staining I had removed the lid of the bench.   This fabric went well with the gray stain, and I covered the lid and re-attached it to the bench.  The owner will be picking it up tomorrow and I hope it is exactly what she hoped for!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Little sled redo

    I got this little sled early this spring at a sale.  The lady said she had made it and at one time had about 18 that she hung on the fence with lights at Christmas.  The runners were made with so much care that I just couldn't pass it up.  The bed of the sled was made of a couple of pieces of plywood and somewhat patched together, so I knew that I would end up covering it with something.  I found this fabric and covered the sled and changed out the rope from white clothesline to sisal and covered the end of the fabric with sisal also.  Some red paint and this cute sled is ready to be a cute addition to someone's Christmas decor or to use as a prop for photos.  It heads to the cabin tomorrow.
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Monday, July 25, 2016

Display for magazines and newspapers at the cabin

    Last fall I went to Wasilla to attend Alaska Picker's Picker Day.  Essential items on my list to buy were 4 heat registers from a house that was built in 1851.  It had served as a stopping place for the Underground Railroad, so regardless of whether these were actually in place during that time period, I really wanted to purchase them.  The house had been torn down and these were salvaged.
 I have a couple of ideas for the other two, but these seemed perfect to use as a display for some of the items that I have that are a bit difficult to display.  I have quite a few vintage magazines and newspapers and I think they will slip right into these two registers.  I attached them to some wood that I have managed to save from the farm burn is good wood and has lot of potential for repurposing, it used to be part of a hay wagon.
    I dry brushed some white paint on the wooden frame and removed some of the rust from the registers, and applied a bit of green paint.  I screwed the registers to the pallet and I think this will work well at the cabin to store the newspapers and magazines.

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    A customer brought these cute little chairs to me for recovering a few weeks ago.  The fabric the seats were covered in was worn and they needed a new look.  The chairs were  made by a local crafts person and really unique.  One cushion is a little larger than the other so maybe they are fraternal twins!  So cute, and so great for little people who always love to have their own little chairs.  The customer chose this zebra type burlap for the little chairs and I am very happy with how they turned out. 
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Friday, July 15, 2016

Nautical themed chair

    This chair was made in the 80's.  At one time it would have been called a child's high chair, but these days, with all of the safety regulations I am sure it can't be called that any longer.  I painted it in a chalk paint named Cascade and it just seemed to be well suited for something with a nautical theme.  You could use it for display, for plants, I would not recommend putting a child who needed a regular high chair in it, but certainly an older child or small adult could use it.  It will be at the cabin tomorrow.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


     This is a stunning color,  a little more turquoise than it actually shows on my monitor.   It is Americana Decor Chalk Finish paint, in their color named Treasure.  It is so pretty.  This little shelf for miniatures originally had doors, but it was time to take them off and give this piece a new look.  Believe it or not it still has it's foil label, "Sears and Roebuck 1976."  I have mixed my own chalk paint for years but have been considering switching to a pre-mixed chalk paint for a while.  I end up having too much left over, or mixing it a little thick, and I think I am ready to make that change.  I was very happy with this paint.  It went on very smoothly, sands nicely and was very easy to use, and I am planning to use this again.    This little "Treasure" will be at the cabin tomorrow!

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Extra Chair

    Almost everyone needs an extra chair, right?  When company comes over you need extra seating, or you need a chair in your bedroom to sit on while you put on your shoes.  This was a nicely made Thomasville chair whose only fault was its unfortunate mauve cushion.....I had some pillow ticking material that I got from Donna at that I had been wanting to use, so I removed the old covering and replaced it with the ticking.  My first inclination was to paint the body of the chair white, but it was too stark of a contrast with the off white of the ticking.  I painted the back of the chair blue and dry brushed it with white.  The rest of the chair was painted in white and distressed with a wax relief technique and light sanding.  This will be at the cabin tomorrow!
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