Friday, July 29, 2016

Oak Piano Bench

    The owner of this bench wanted it to be stained and recovered.  It is a nice old oak bench and with a little care it will still be around for a lot longer.    I filled holes, glued and clamped a split and did several other repairs.  I did sand, but did not fix every little nick.  I didn't want it to lose its character.  The owner brought me a gray stain that she had used on her cabinets, some foam, and fabric.  After sanding I applied the stain  and after waiting two days, I applied Howard's Wax and Feed.  It is very easy to use and I have always been happy with it.  After about twenty minutes I rubbed the excess off.  Before the staining I had removed the lid of the bench.   This fabric went well with the gray stain, and I covered the lid and re-attached it to the bench.  The owner will be picking it up tomorrow and I hope it is exactly what she hoped for!

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  1. Nice job! Your client must have been thrilled. Thanks so much for sharing your project at Vintage Charm :)