Tuesday, July 12, 2016


     This is a stunning color,  a little more turquoise than it actually shows on my monitor.   It is Americana Decor Chalk Finish paint, in their color named Treasure.  It is so pretty.  This little shelf for miniatures originally had doors, but it was time to take them off and give this piece a new look.  Believe it or not it still has it's foil label, "Sears and Roebuck 1976."  I have mixed my own chalk paint for years but have been considering switching to a pre-mixed chalk paint for a while.  I end up having too much left over, or mixing it a little thick, and I think I am ready to make that change.  I was very happy with this paint.  It went on very smoothly, sands nicely and was very easy to use, and I am planning to use this again.    This little "Treasure" will be at the cabin tomorrow!

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