Friday, August 12, 2016

Little Girl's Rocking Chair

    I haven't done anything that was girlish for a while.  While looking through the paint aisle at the store, I found this pretty pink and decided the time was right for a girl project.  My daughter-in-law found this chair in her attic and brought it to me, knowing I would be happy to give it a make-over.
    I couldn't find any labels or maker's marks on the chair anywhere.  It was all wooden, with little wooden pegs  holding it together, except for the right arm, where they were missing.  I really am not sure whether this was hand-made, but it does appear to be.  Maybe a shop class project, or a proud grandpa project?  It is was very plain, but very functional.  I had to add screws in place of the missing pegs.   After sanding, scraping and painting, it was still a little plain, so I added some little flowers.  A couple of coats of poly will help protect it.  It will be headed to the cabin tomorrow.

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