Friday, August 12, 2016

Sweet vintage baby shoes

    Many times I will buy a trunk, box or other container of items.  Sometimes it seems to be a time capsule of someone's life.  I am always so torn with these items.  It is inevitable that they will be cleaned, sorted and divided into groups to be sold at my cabin.  It often feels like a big responsibility, saving bits and pieces of a life and finding ways for them to be useful to someone else.  There were a couple of these pairs of sweet vintage leather baby shoes in a trunk I bought.  While I find the scuffed white leather baby shoes lovely in their own right, I thought that painting them might make them more appealing for a modern display in a nursery.  While painting is my life, I am no artist!  I decided that after painting the shoes this pretty creamy color I would add some flowers, so I chose something very simple that I was sure I couldn't mess up!  I added some poly after painting to help protect them.  I used some vintage ribbon to lace them up and tied them together with this vintage lace.  They will be at the cabin on Saturday.

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  1. I just purchased a pair of leather baby shoes, too. Mine are a soft sole. Now, I have another idea of what I can do with them! I also found an exquisite pair of pink baby bootie/shoes. I will treasure these. Thank you for sharing!