Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Table.....

    I wish I had a nickle for every time someone asks me how I find all of this good  I usually admit that I actually think that most of the time it finds me.  Sometimes it finds me a second time!  I bought this old table several years ago at an estate sale.  Unfortunately, most of the items were reproductions, gathered at the couple's frequent trips to local thrift shops, as the relatives conducting the sale revealed.  The table had nice details, but lots of damage.  One foot was a little shorter, and had many tooth marks from a puppy that had used it for a chew toy.  The pretty walnut veneer on top had bubbles and was missing in spots.  There were quite a few other damaged spots all over the table.  I took it home, filled the damage, painted it gray and used it for several years, then sold it at my garage sale(not Rescue Rehab), for the same price I had bought it....$5.
    Fast forward several months and a customer asked if I could redo a table she had bought at a garage sale.  When she brought it to the cabin I had to laugh.  I told her that I was quite familiar with the table........
    It had found me again!!!  Lol.  It now had more damage on top although the repairs to the other parts held up rather well.  The initial thought was for the top or the body of the table to be restained and the rest painted white or cream.  While prepping the table it became clear that re-staining would be very difficult, as there was damage to more of the table than I actually remembered.  The walnut veneer also continued to bubble as I worked on it, so I did the only thing that seemed reasonable, which was to remove it.  I used a hair dryer rather than a heat gun to warm the glue and make it easier to remove.  I took a leap of faith in painting the table.  I had a dark cream color of paint that I really liked.  After painting
I used a dark wax which really highlighted a lot of areas, including the damaged places, which gave it an aged look that seemed to fit the table well.  I topped it with a rubbed wax finish.  Interestingly enough I had never removed the furniture tacks that were on the bottom of the table, but I did as I was working on it.  I have seen old tables that had fabric bags tacked on for sewing supplies, etc.  I wonder if this did at some point.
     When I contacted the customer to let her know it was done and give her the quote, I told her that it was on the condition that she liked it.  It wasn't exactly what we had discussed, but she was very relieved when she picked it up, lol!  I guess I made her a bit glad she liked it!!!

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