Tuesday, August 29, 2017


    I have wanted to re-upholster a French Provincial chair for a while.  The problem was finding one.  I just have not seen very many in my area.  I found one at a large garage sale, and while the cushions and fabric were completely shot, the frame was in great shape and the price was barely above free so I grabbed it.  Nothing screams 70's quite like green, gold, orange......unless it is satiny, green and blue.....yikes.  You can just barely get a glimpse of the chair, on the other side of this beauty, that I also snapped up.

    I ordered some beautiful pure linen old mangle cloth to re-upholster this chair with.  Mangles were used to press water out of clothing when washed.  The red stripes on either side are meant to be guide marks for loading the items into the mangle.  This is wonderful strong fabric, but not used as much as other vintage linens for upholstering, probably because the placement of the stripes usually means that they won't be on the cushions.
    I stripped the chair all the way down to the frame, painted it with white chalk paint, and topped it with matte clear sealer.  I added new webbing, cushions and the mangle cloth fabric and trimmed the chair with double welting that I made from the same mangle cloth.  This is the last project of the year that I will bring to the cabin.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Nightstand makeover

   A while back I painted a bed frame for a customer.  I used Americana Decor chalk paint in a gray color.  We were both pretty happy with the way it turned out.  When she found a nightstand that she liked, she asked me to paint it to match.  The little nightstand was painted brown, but as I removed that paint, I found that the piece was one of those gold and white french provincial style pieces.  Wow, there are so many of these still floating around!  This one had the dreaded plastic legs.  Actually, they aren't bad to paint, you just don't want to use stripper on them because it causes pitting.
    I almost forgot to take a before picture.  Since this is not the most flattering picture, forgetting it probably would have been ok....
    I painted the pretty handle white for a nice contrast.  Now this little piece matches the bed in my customer's guest room.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Quick project

    I love these nice wooden trays.  They are so plain, but are so much fun to give a make
    I painted the tray with white chalk paint and then used an image from The Graphics Fairy.  I have used polyacrylic a couple of times to transfer an image and it has worked really well.  After spraying with a sealer it is done, and at the cabin
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Drexel Mid-Century Makeover

    This mid-century modern dresser had been in storage for a very long time.  These legs may not be original, but they fit perfectly.  This dresser has a really low profile, which means that it would be a great piece for a child's room, where tall dressers are sometimes dangerous and present a climbing hazard.  It would also be a good piece in a living room, or family room, as an entertainment center.

Not sure what I was thinking with this before shot....sigh...  One drawer was beyond repair.  I kept the bottom from it and it can slide out so could be used for a dvd player.  I wanted to give it a look that would coordinate with its military, campaign style, so chose this very dark blue and then gold for the feet and handles.  I added some cute shelf paper with anchors to complete the look.  The dimensions of this piece are 27 in tall, 54 long and 19 wide.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017


    I acquired this hutch for $50, right after we tore out some of our cupboards, and luckily for me it fit the space and had lots of storage room!  It is massive, all solid wood with no veneer.  I am so glad it has wheels, it is very heavy.
    BP Bond was a German immigrant, born in 1874, who moved with his family to America as a young boy.  As a teenager, he  began working at another furniture company  but eventually came to own his own company which was very successful.
  The style of this piece would be called Colonial Revival, with its railings and spoon holders.  It was manufactured in 1964.  Not an antique by any means, but it is really a great piece of furniture.  I updated it with paint, left off the small doors and did a bit of stenciling and transferred a rose on one door.  I think the
update was just right for this piece!