Tuesday, August 29, 2017


    I have wanted to re-upholster a French Provincial chair for a while.  The problem was finding one.  I just have not seen very many in my area.  I found one at a large garage sale, and while the cushions and fabric were completely shot, the frame was in great shape and the price was barely above free so I grabbed it.  Nothing screams 70's quite like green, gold, orange......unless it is satiny, green and blue.....yikes.  You can just barely get a glimpse of the chair, on the other side of this beauty, that I also snapped up.

    I ordered some beautiful pure linen old mangle cloth to re-upholster this chair with.  Mangles were used to press water out of clothing when washed.  The red stripes on either side are meant to be guide marks for loading the items into the mangle.  This is wonderful strong fabric, but not used as much as other vintage linens for upholstering, probably because the placement of the stripes usually means that they won't be on the cushions.
    I stripped the chair all the way down to the frame, painted it with white chalk paint, and topped it with matte clear sealer.  I added new webbing, cushions and the mangle cloth fabric and trimmed the chair with double welting that I made from the same mangle cloth.  This is the last project of the year that I will bring to the cabin.