Thursday, August 10, 2017


    I acquired this hutch for $50, right after we tore out some of our cupboards, and luckily for me it fit the space and had lots of storage room!  It is massive, all solid wood with no veneer.  I am so glad it has wheels, it is very heavy.
    BP Bond was a German immigrant, born in 1874, who moved with his family to America as a young boy.  As a teenager, he  began working at another furniture company  but eventually came to own his own company which was very successful.
  The style of this piece would be called Colonial Revival, with its railings and spoon holders.  It was manufactured in 1964.  Not an antique by any means, but it is really a great piece of furniture.  I updated it with paint, left off the small doors and did a bit of stenciling and transferred a rose on one door.  I think the
update was just right for this piece!