Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fraternal Twin Nightstands, Miss 1955 and Miss 1961

   I managed to find these mahogany nightstands at two different sales while I was out picking last year.  These are beautiful timeless, classic pieces that are getting harder and harder to find in my area.  The one on the left was made in 1955 by the Drexel company.  Drexel is well known for its quality furniture.  The one on the right was made on 1961 by the Joern Company.  I had to look this company up, as it was unfamiliar to me.  They were also known for high quality furniture, but not too many pieces are found, because they turned their attention to medical furniture.
While the one on the right needed cleaning sanding and refinishing, the one on the left needed more extensive work.  While it had no structural damage (in fact the drawers and the slides are in amazingly good structural condition), it had some pretty serious cosmetic damage.  I'm not quite sure why someone would drill a hole in the top of a nightstand????  There was also a chunk missing on the top.  I filled using wood epoxy, repaired and sanded the damaged spots.  While you can still see where the damage was, I am pretty happy with how the repairs turned out.
Before, pretty rough, scratched, etc.

Damage and fixes
   In choosing the stain to use on the nightstands, I had to take into account that the Drexel nightstand was naturally a bit darker, so I chose darker  Bombay mahogany stain.  It really wasn't possible to make the darker one lighter by using the regular mahogany.  Therefore, there is a bit of a color difference between the two.  These are beautiful heirloom-type pieces and they are looking for a new home.
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Saturday, January 27, 2018

End table

  Hi all.  Hope that everyone reading this is well!  We have been fighting and fighting a cough that just will not go away this winter.  It has slowed my progress on projects a bit, which is frustrating.  Luckily I have been knitting again, which keeps me busy while I wait for the paint/stain, to dry, or am just coughing too hard to do anything else.  Now that there are only 4 kids at home(TEENAGERS.....EEK),  I do have fewer demands and have a little bit more time for things I want to do.
    Anyway, the latest project is this sweet little table.  I think these are great pieces and so very handy.  I have had others in the past.  I had to do a bit of repair on this, but it is very sturdy and would be an asset to anyone's home.  It was sanded, repaired, and refinished in Bombay Mahogany stain and then top coated.  There are two shades of Mahogany that I use and this one is the darker of the two.  I really like both and this just happened to be what I had on hand.  This piece is dated 1958 and is another of the pieces that was used extensively on military bases.  They are beautiful refinished, sturdy and so useful.
    Positioned between two chairs or at the end of a couch, they can also be pulled in front of a chair for card and board games, serving beverages, etc.  This has a hard formica type top which is easy to clean and maintain.  The measurements on this piece are:  Between 23-24  in tall, 24-25 long, 16 1/2 inches wide, when the "wings" are extended, though it is 24-25 inches long.  This piece is available.
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Monday, January 8, 2018

Modern Rocking Chair

    This project is quite different than anything I have done before.  I bought it last winter, after it was offered to me.  I was pretty busy at the time.  I honestly did not look at it very closely and it has been stored away since then.  While re-arranging my work space I had a chance to look at it more closely and I decided to tackle it. 
    This chair was made in Indonesia, out of teak, and I discovered that it was originally quite expensive.  I did some research on teak wood, since I had never worked on it before.  Teak is commonly used for outdoor furniture, and this piece had been out in the weather.  Left unfinished teak will eventually turn to a weathered gray.  There are treatments specifically for teak, but when left out in the weather it should not be treated with the typical varnishes.  Teak wood retains its natural oils and if out in the weather with a varnished finish, it can eventually develop mold.  This is because the oil will push the varnish up and allow moisture to get under varnish where the mold will settle and grow.  While teak is excellent for outdoor furniture it needs some maintenance.
    This piece had no mold but a lot of water spotting.  I cleaned it and sanded it.  I used Watco Danish Oil to restore the beautiful luster and finish to the wood.  While this finish does have some varnish, the oil helps it penetrate into the wood, and as long as it is in a protected area, all it will need is an occasional re-application to retain its beautiful look.
    This is a large, roomy chair, that would look wonderful near a fireplace with a buffalo plaid blanket!  It is large enough for an adult to comfortably hold a child in.  It stands 45 inches from the floor to the top of the back.  The seat is 19 1/2 inches from the floor.  The seat dimensions are 23 inches across and 20 1/2 front to back.
    This is a sturdy comfortable chair that would accommodate anyone!