Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Fresh look for tables

    One of my customers, that I have done several pieces for contacted me to see if I could change the look of some tables for her.  I only have a before picture of the end tables, but they match the coffee table.  They are very heavy and very sturdy.
    The first thing I did was sand them down.  They were quite a bit more orangey looking than  you can tell here.  I have gotten to the point where after doing a few repairs on a piece, I get the best results using a stain blocker before painting.  Too many times unseen stains can bleed through the paint and this prevents that.  I used a cream colored paint on the tops and a pretty teal on the body of the tables.  After that I did a wash of cream over the teal, lightly distressed the tables in some spots and then top-coated them.  I do take quite a while when finishing projects, but I do believe that attention to detail and extra care give me very good results.  Light colored pieces, especially, get many coats with at least a day between each, and I feel that gives a finished look that will last.
These will be delivered soon.

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