Monday, August 20, 2018

Gossip Bench

Do you recognize this type of bench?  Did your mom or grandma have one?  These were very popular back in the day.  Your telephone sat on the little table, and you could sit and chat.  You might have a pad of paper and a pen handy there too, for any notes you might want to take.  This bench is a nice one, made by Ethan Allen Furniture Co. and is all maple.  It is structurally sound and sturdy.  There are some cosmetic imperfections, which have had some filling done.  It is not a perfect fix,  I believe a puppy did some teething on it.  The finish is not mirror perfect, because of years outside in the weather.  It is a cute, sturdy, and handy piece.  It would be perfect in an entry way, where you could sit and put on your shoes.  It could also be a cute place to charge your cell phone, near an outlet.  Throw a quilt across it and put it near a sunny window.  It should not be out in the weather, but could be used on a protected, covered porch.  One more clear coat and it should be ready to bring to the cabin on Wednesday.

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