Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Sewing Machine Table and Season Wrap Up

Wow, I cannot believe it has been so long since I posted!!  I have been so busy.  The last day at the cabin was September 8th.  After that I needed to empty it and get it ready for the winter.  I have rented it again for next summer.  Someone sent me this lovely picture of the cabin right after closing, but before it was completely buttoned up for the year.....I love it!
    One of the best things that happened this summer, was my first ever purchase of a vehicle on my own!  Savannah(not a van, lol) will be a part of my summers at the Rescue Rehab cabin, hopefully, once  her issues are addressed and will be used for displaying items and just for a fun hangout.  I have wanted a VW bus for a LONG time, and I am so happy to have her.

    I did several large picks this summer, besides the huge connex filled with items from Ohio.  I will be selling on ebay throughout the off-season months.  If you are local you can always pick things up from me instead of having them shipped.  My ebay seller name is megkellydolls.
    If you have furniture that needs the Rescue Rehab beauty treatment, now is the time to contact me.  I have so much more time through the winter months for custom work.  I am working on a pair of tables now, that have not been claimed yet, so they will be for sale soon.
    I had a project that was nagging at me to get done.  I had a nice set of sewing machine legs from an old, larger leather sewing Singer.  The machine itself is bound up.  At some point I will clean it up and sell it for a display piece.  The legs had a bit wider stance than a standard machine.  We had a wooden island that we had for several years, and when it became a little wobbly, husband took the butcher block top off and my kids used it when they were doing some glass bead making, so it had a few burned spots on it.  The other side, though, was quite beautiful still and it was just the right length to go on top of the machine legs.  The legs needed sanding and wire brushing to remove rust, then they were painted and the gold accents were repainted.
Once the top was cleaned, sanded and flipped, I used countersunk bolts to attach the it to the legs.
I used my favorite mahogany stain and the table was ready for a new owner.  It will be at the Midway Lodge, so stop in and take a look!
I have a hard time balancing all the day I was feeling guilty about my mess, but felt better when I saw this:
Last but not least, I took a trip down the road to to check out the great stuff Kelly brought back from his latest trip to the Midwest.  I grew up in Indiana, so I always have to go see what he has brought back.  I picked up some tins for a friend and bought a few things for myself too.

I got a couple of bonus items too, the sticker will be the first of many that will go on Savannah, thank you friend!!!
     Now I feel like I am all caught up!

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