Friday, December 6, 2019

Wash Stand Make-Over

    I bought this from a living estate at the end of the summer.  The owner was moving out of state to live near his wife who was in a facility being cared for because she had dementia.  Sadly I saw that she died a month or so later.  The couple were collectors and had also sold antiques throughout the years.  They had some truly wonderful pieces and I wish I could have gotten more than I did. 
    This little piece is probably pine and probably would have held a chamber pot and had a washbowl on top.  It has towel bars on each side.  It is pretty old and has square nails.  The left door latches with a hook on the bottom of the shelf, while the right door's handle turns and has a wooden latch on the inside.  Although not pretty I decided not to paint the inside(even though part was already painted.)  You can really tell the age by looking inside.
    I am not one to usually paint an antique, but this had been painted at one time and retained small bits of green paint.  It wouldn't have been unusual for a piece of this kind to be painted, so I felt that I would not be hurting it to paint it.  I replaced the drawer handles, which were too large and not original, with wooden handles.  The stand was painted in a two-toned blended technique and then I  applied some re-design by Prima transfers.  It will be at the Booster Bazaar.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Reproduction Pie Safe Makeover

    I noticed this piece for sale in another town.  I knew what it was and was sure it was a reproduction, but I thought it would be a great piece to paint.  I didn't really imagine though, that it would still be for sale 3+ weeks after I first saw it.  I was sure someone else would snap it up.  After about 3 weeks I contacted the owner, who said yes, they still had it and since they had inquiries but no takers, it would probably still be for sale when I could finally get there.  A few days later and we were able to pick it up.

    I did a lot of research.  No original pie safe would be made in this way, with a window(and a light, that I later removed because it was unsafe!).  I just couldn't find a manufacturer of this particular type of reproduction.  Weeks later, I finally found that the plans for this piece, and I believe kits also were offered through American Woodworker Magazine.  Very interesting!  So it was a home-made kit, probably, after seeing the home it came out of, made by an older man for his wife. 
    I originally began to paint this piece dark blue but it just did not suit it.  I finally settled on sage green, with silver hardware and accents and white inside with these Re-Design by Prima transfers.  I was able to re-paint the punched tin pieces silver, after they had been "faux aged" with something that made them look rusty!  Ugh, didn't like that look at all.

    This piece took countless hours of work, but I think the result was worth it.  This is 36 1/2 inches across the front, 14 front to back, and 57 inches tall at the back.  This piece will be for sale at the Christmas Bazaar. 

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Beautiful trunk with IOD transfer

    This trunk started out as a military foot locker, probably from the Vietnam era.  By the time I had gotten it, it had been re-painted, had rope handles added and probably used as a toy chest.  I don't advocate using these as toy chests for very young children unless they have been modified with appropriate hinges and safety precautions.
    I painted this trunk a beautiful  teal color of paint that the pictures do not show very well.  I used an Iron Orchid Design Transfer to the top.  It has been sealed.   I added short legs to the trunk to make it 17 inches tall, which makes it a proper height if it is to be used as a coffee table.  It would be a great addition to any room in need of storage space.  In addition to being a coffee table, you can keep your extra pillows and throw blankets in it to keep them at hand for family nights around the tv.
    With gentle use it could also be used in an entry way.  I have sat on it and it is sturdy although it would be good to remember its age and treat it kindly.
    This piece is on special sale as I am trying to clear up as much space as possible for the many small, medium, and at least one large furniture piece I am trying to finish before the Christmas Bazaar.  The dimensions are 31 in across the front, 16 from front to back and 17 inches tall.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Another Oak Dresser with Provenance

    I saw this piece advertised on a local sales list.  I was pretty sure it was a diamond in the rough.  When I arrived to buy it, I could see it was very rough.  Structurally it was wonderful and sound, but the finish was another matter.  At some point someone had painted it yellow and also added a top finish that crackled terribly.  I am sure that was not the intention of the person who did it, but quite frankly it was horrible. 
    The couple that owned it explained that it had belonged to a Grandfather  of the young woman and, didn't know who had it before that.  They said they had plenty of furniture and didn't need it.  I thought that was quite sad, since it was probably better than any other piece they probably had. 
    This dresser should have had a harp which is a decorative piece of wood with arms that hold the mirror up.  This was gone and they were using two pieces of wood to hold the mirror up.  I am surprised it didn't break, as this mirror is very heavy. 
    It took weeks before I had time to work on the dresser and even more weeks to complete it.  Removing the old finish and paint was very slow going.  If you don't work carefully you run the risk of doing a lot of damage to the wood.  Both sanding and stripping had to be done carefully to prevent damage.  There are some areas that still show bits of the yellow paint because any further striping or sanding I felt would damage the wood.
    I added an oil finish that helped condition and add the proper color back to the wood.  Our weather was so humid for so long it was necessary to allow that to dry for a very long time before I added shellac.
    I have added some screw eyes to the back of the mirror and recommend that it be wall mounted. 
During the process of refinishing the piece, I found what I believe to be the signature of a former owner on one of the boards on the bottom, under the lowest drawer.  It says "Chester Edgerton
Underhill, Ohio June 27, 1904.  It is written in beautiful script that is hard to get a good picture of.
    When I still had my Ancestry membership, I looked Chester up.  I believe I found him.  He would have been in his 30's in 1904 and he was a farmer in Underhill, Ohio.  This dresser was probably made sometime between 1880 and 1904. 
    The measurements on this dresser are 41 inches across the front, 18 1/2 inches deep and 33 inches tall and is available

Friday, August 23, 2019

Oak Wash Stand with Alaskan Provenance

    First I cannot believe it's been so long since I have posted.  At the beginning of this season at the cabin we had hail on several days and of course the rain that came with it.  For a few weeks after that we had several weeks of hot sunny days.  That was good for bailing the hay we needed to get bailed, but it also kept me busy watching grand kids.  For most of this month, is has rained and been quite humid, which makes it difficult to finish furniture.  I have finally finished one of the oak pieces I have tried to get done for so long.  I stopped at a sale where a man had recently passed.  His sister from out of state had been tasked with settling his estate.  There really was not much at the sale, but when I saw this I new it was a wonderful piece, and a quick walk around enabled me to see that it had been stamped E.R. Peoples Fairbanks, AK.  I felt that any piece marked like this was interesting, and  I also realized this was a sold oak piece, no veneer.  The drawers looked good, but as a whole it was quite dirty and the finish was coming off.
I am always curious about the history of the pieces I buy.  E.R. Peoples and his friend built connected houses in 1909.  They were married to sisters and this was one of the first modern homes in Fairbanks.  Mr Peoples owned the E.R.Peoples General Merchandise store.  I do not know the date that the store opened, but chances are it was during the early days of the gold rush in Fairbanks, around 1902.  While I found references into the 20's of the store, the Peoples moved to Washington state by 1919.  They were friends of Judge Wikersham and I found references to them in his diary.
    I removed the old finish and cleaned the wash stand up.  I used an oil to restore the color to the wood, as it can look too light after sanding.  The downside is that you must wait long enough for the oil to be completely dry before adding shellac.  With her pretty serpentine shape and glowing new finish, I feel that she is a wonderful piece, that hasn't lost her original character.  I can only wonder who owned her and what adventures she saw.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Secretary Desk Make Over

    My daughter gave me this little desk a number of years ago.  The drop down shelf was warped and so I removed it.  I was selling milk paint the first, or second year the cabin was open and I gave this desk a shabby chic chippy look and used it to display the paint.  Fast forward to a month ago, and I decided I no longer needed the little desk and would repaint it and bring it to the Rescue Rehab cabin to sell.  It is a cute, functional piece from the 70's.  Until it sells I will use it to display different items.  I really like this Serenity Blue chalk paint color, from Rustoleum.   I painted the back and some other accents white.  This would be a great piece in a child's room, guest room, entry way, just about any room and it's fairly small size means that it would fit in easily.  It is at the cabin and ready for a new home.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Changes at the Rescue Rehab cabin

    If you are local, and haven't been to the cabin this year, you may be in for a surprise.  There are quite a few changes.  I don't think I'm the only one, who has noticed....the world gets harsher, coarser, meaner more and more every year.  So, home should be a haven.  A softer place.  One where you should feel comfortable and comforted.  I love the mix of old and new things.  There is something cozy about having your home the way you want it.  A lot of people do not want to be burdened with large collections of things.  Some still enjoy collections.  You may not want an entire tea set.....but a teacup beside your kitchen sink for your scrubber serves a purpose and is pretty.  Succulents are very popular right now and fit in china pieces perfectly.  Silver plate is not hard to polish......Hot water, lemon juice, baking soda and tin foil in a basin will get rid of most of the tarnish.  I really don't mind a bit of tarnish, it gives the item some character.  Use the silver plate to hold flowers(real or not), or plants.  If you have serving pieces, use them...your family and guests will feel special. 
    I love funky junk, rust, old tools, repurposed items...on and on.  I've tried to create vignettes at the cabin to inspire......This is how the cabin looks this year.

If you are local, or visiting, I hope you get a chance to visit the Highway's End Farmer's Market.....we have something for everyone!!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Still here!!!

I cannot believe it has been so long since I posted!  I have done quite a few projects.  Most of the time I have been working toward the opening of the cabin at the Farmer's Market.  I have made a lot of repurposed china and glass projects and some painted furniture and projects.  I was also busy selling on Etsy and Ebay.  I need to totally refresh my Etsy shop, but I will have to do that when I have a chance to photograph things. 
    I painted this cute desk for a customer
Painted this chalkboard window(sold), and table under it for the cabin.  Painted this cute typing table.
Vinyled all the things......

Finished pillows my daughter started
Cut soap and cured it
Repurposed lamps, glassware and china

And finally, readied the cabin for the summer
Looking forward to summer at the cabin!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Home Sweet Home

This little table has been around Rescue Rehab home base for several years.  I cannot remember where it came from or anything about it.  One of my kids grabbed it early on and asked if they could paint it and use it in their room.  They also grabbed a jar of thick, yellow homemade chalk paint and applied it a little too generously, complete with a few drips.  I decided to give the table a makeover, but honestly, that paint was stuck on like concrete.  When I was growing up I had an old dresser that had many coats of thick white paint.  I loved the look of that, and would love to have that in my home now, I have no idea what happened to it.  I decided this little table would be cute with a similar look.  I mixed up a unique color by combining an olive colored chalk paint with an aqua.  I purposely stirred but didn't totally blend the two colors.  In person you can see some blue running through the green.  I added a transfer and it has a distressed look to it.  I lightly distressed some areas on the table, so that the original yellow peaks through, then top coated it with poly.  It is a nice sturdy little table, with a time worn look.  The dimensions are:  about 12 1/2 in back to front, about 22in across the front, and about 20-21 in tall.