Thursday, January 31, 2019

Writing Desk Update

I forgot to get a before picture....are you surprised?  Lol, seems to be a mistake I make frequently.  This is probably from the 70's.  It was made in Thailand.  It is all wood and really nicely made.  It has been exposed to varying temperatures and humidity, though and that has cause some imperfections.  Still, it is cute and was an excellent candidate for a make-over.  On the front there are two figures that are connected to slides that come out as the drop-down front is opened.  I put some felt pads, where the top rests, to reduce damage from friction.  After I painted the  outside, I used hand rubbed wax, but the wax seemed yellow it, so after re-sanding I painted and did not add any top coat.  I am sure that poly would have pulled out old stains also, but just chalk paint didn't seem to cause any yellowing.  Inside I removed some of the dividers, but found later, when putting them and the drawers back in that they have swollen and were difficult to replace. Sometimes that is what happens with an older piece.  I did add poly to the inside to protect the surface in case it is actually used as a writing desk.  I am happy with how this piece has turned out and look forward to delivering it to its owner.

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