Saturday, October 19, 2019

Beautiful trunk with IOD transfer

    This trunk started out as a military foot locker, probably from the Vietnam era.  By the time I had gotten it, it had been re-painted, had rope handles added and probably used as a toy chest.  I don't advocate using these as toy chests for very young children unless they have been modified with appropriate hinges and safety precautions.
    I painted this trunk a beautiful  teal color of paint that the pictures do not show very well.  I used an Iron Orchid Design Transfer to the top.  It has been sealed.   I added short legs to the trunk to make it 17 inches tall, which makes it a proper height if it is to be used as a coffee table.  It would be a great addition to any room in need of storage space.  In addition to being a coffee table, you can keep your extra pillows and throw blankets in it to keep them at hand for family nights around the tv.
    With gentle use it could also be used in an entry way.  I have sat on it and it is sturdy although it would be good to remember its age and treat it kindly.
    This piece is on special sale as I am trying to clear up as much space as possible for the many small, medium, and at least one large furniture piece I am trying to finish before the Christmas Bazaar.  The dimensions are 31 in across the front, 16 from front to back and 17 inches tall.