Thursday, January 2, 2020

Labor of Love

I was so excited to do this little dresser for our next grandbaby, I forgot to get pictures of the dresser before I painted it.....but that isn't too surprising, lol!  We have had this for several years and it has been used in various rooms, but no longer need it and it is a great size for a child's dresser.
    I've really enjoyed adding transfers to my furniture lately, and especially like the re-design by prima brand transfers.  They are coming out with a large variety of designs lately.  I bought two of the new Hello Baby sets to use to create something for my daughter in law and also one for my daughter.  Babies are due over the next couple of months and I wanted to do special pieces for them.  I used Dixie Belle paint, for the first time and am so happy with the results.  Coverage is excellent with this and the color I used is a very light blue called Haint Blue.  Adding the transfers was very challenging because the drawer fronts are rather curvy on the edges and not very wide, so there was some working around the curves to be done.  The sides had the largest areas where I could be creative.  I watched a video on how to do faded stripes, and I am thrilled with how they came out.  I have been frustrated with trying stripes before and decided they were not my thing, but this video encouraged me to try again.  The silver stripes are actually wax.  Yes, it dries to a hard finish and then with poly added it is just as durable as paint.  I really am happy with this and looking forward to gifting it and doing the next baby dresser!

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