Friday, March 27, 2020

Desk and Chair Makeover

    First, I hope everyone reading this is healthy and safe.  It is so hard to get my head around all that is happening.   We have had the worst winter in our 25 years out here on the farm.  Even though I am a homebody, even before the current pandemic, most trips to town had to be canceled the last few months.  We had record low temperatures, which for us can be -30F or lower.  Also record snow fall.  As of this writing our driveway is blown shut, our truck is stuck and our bulldozer isn't running.  Husband is working on the North Slope, and he may be there for a while because of all the current restrictions.  I am not worried about the driveway, sooner or later that will get tackled.  I am grateful that we are all healthy.  We have had two new grandbabies in the last few months.  Even though I am not seeing them much now I  still see pictures on FB frequently.  Our school aged kids are home schooled, so that is going on as if nothing has happened.  Life has been a bit more difficult for our college kids.  One, due to graduate Magna Cum Laude will probably not have a chance to walk for graduation.  In addition, instead of completing his online classes in state he chose to go ahead and leave for the D.C. area ahead of time to be in place to get a job in his field.  He will complete the classes from there.  It was an unplanned and sudden departure that was especially sad.  Our other student is in Culinary Arts school and will be completing her classes at home.  She had gotten used to the pace and challenges and is missing school.   I almost never share so much personal information but these are certainly trying times.
    This desk is 1960's-70's ranch oak.  It was in very good condition.  At some point in time someone refinished this piece.  They sanded the top a bit too much and when looking across in the right light you can see some uneven spots.  You can notice also on the edges where the corners are a bit rounded, also a sign that someone sanded a bit too much.  My guess is that it had the white "distressed" marks that were common on these pieces and the owner wanted to eliminate those. 
After prepping the desk and chair they were painted in Dixie Belle Caviar.  I don't often use black but I do really like this.  Stripes and vine stenciling around the top were added using gilding wax.  I have been using this quite a bit lately.  Different from furniture wax, once it is dry it is permanent.  It gives the user much more control than paint does.  I used it on the handles and on the floral carving on the chair also.  Five pieces from Redesign by Prima's Gilded Home and Nature Transfer set were used.  The chair was reupholstered with Waverly fabric.  Top coat was Minwax Polycrylic.  Dimensions on the desk are 45 in x 17 x 31.  Stay healthy everyone.