Friday, April 24, 2020

Jewelry Boxes

I have done several jewelry boxes and holders lately.  They are a lot of fun and I have used various colors of Dixie Belle paints and Prima transfers.  This peacock box is the latest and you can see the others at the bottom of the post.  This box is the largest and probably the fanciest one I have done so far.  I made a harlequin stencil with my Silhouette machine and used gilding wax for the diamonds and for the trim.  I used peacock feather transfers and the peacock I used wraps around the box at the corner.  Broken handles were replaced with new ones that I gilded after I filled and painted the holes from the original ones.  It was then sealed.

Small Vanity and Jewelry Box

    When I found this cute little vanity, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do with it, even though it no longer had its mirror.  I had purchased Dixie Belle Flamingo and fell in love with the color and thought it would be perfect with gold accents.  I also wanted to use Prima Poppy Gardens transfer mixed with Prima Gilded Home and Nature.  I did an accompanying jewelry box with the same transfers and gold gilding wax.
    The jewelry box was sanded and painted.  I then added the polka dots in gilding wax after making a stencil with my Silhouette machine.  I did the drawer sides too, just for a little surprise.  There were only a few knobs left, so I ordered these pretty ones to replace them.  I layered a bee and the word LOVE over the Poppy transfers.  It was then sealed.
     After cleaning and sanding the vanity and stool I used a product to help the paint adhere to the pieces, since they were still a bit slick.  After painting I added gold details to the top and added gold to the legs that makes it looks as though they were dipped in gold.  I used Poppy Gardens and Gilded Home and Nature transfers once again.  I layered a butterfly over one of the poppies and used a crown and the word ROYAL transfer in the middle.  On to the stool, it needed to have the seat fabric replaced and then I added a transfer to the seat.  I waxed over the transfer to help make sure it was protected.  Since a vanity does not get hard wear I am pretty sure it will hold up just fine.  Vanity and stool legs were sealed and now it is waiting for my daughter to claim it.