Thursday, July 9, 2020

Blossom Flight

    This is a modern, very nice mission oak table.  Other than one scratch there was really nothing wrong with it.  Except.....these tables are really common, and most people are looking for something a bit different.  I prepped the table as usually and painted it with a color I mixed myself. 
     I used part of the Blossom Flight transfer from Prima, which is one of the newest releases.  It is very popular right now and looks so pretty, especially on blue, gray and green pieces of furniture.  I have more and intend to use this transfer on the German Secretary that I hope to get to next week.  Things have been very hectic here on the farm, so I am happy to get something done to take to the cabin at all.   I will be bringing this to the cabin on Saturday, but I think it already has a new home.