Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Entry way table

     Wow, what a busy summer!  Our Farmer's Market, where the Rescue Rehab cabin is, opened this summer, during the Covid crisis with many concerns.  We knew that while locals might shop, we would be missing the business from the many tourists who stop at this location to mark their completion of their journey across the "Al-Can," the highway that joins the Alaska and Canada.  To our relief, many Alaskans chose to explore their state, so we were not hard hit by the lack of out of state tourists.

     First, I have to admit this little table is not "all wood."  I cannot count the number of times I have been asked, by a customer,  to paint an "all wood" piece.  I usually just paint it without revealing the truth.  Most modern furniture has at least some parts that are "wood" that consists of wood, but in glued and compressed form.  I have painted many pieces, that, like this, have wood on the essential parts, like legs, but the "aprons," are very often compressed wood.  If this piece were solid, all wood, I wouldn't have painted it and it would have been refinished and sold at a higher price point.

      After prepping, this piece was painted in Dixie Belle Fluff, which is an off-white color.  I used portions of Rose Celebration transfer by Prima, taking the design down the front and onto the drawer.  The knobs are painted gold, and the piece was top-coated in Polycrylic.

      I imagine this as a perfect piece in an entry way, where mail can be stored and essentials like keys be placed for quick access when rushing out the door.  But of course it would look lovely in several other applications also.  This is headed to Fairbanks for the Vintage Faire this weekend.

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