Thursday, January 28, 2021

Waterfall vanity

     This 1940's Waterfall vanity was great structurally but had a few cosmetic flaws.  Sadly I realized the bench really had too many problems, so after a couple of tries with other chairs, I settled on this Ethan Allen maple chair to go with it.  I really like the round mirror on the vanity....I kept the original pulls after applying some gold gilding wax to them.  There are little disks that seem to be bakelite in the handles,  although one disk is missing.  I chose Dixie Belle Evergreen, which is a really vibrant green that I thought would make a beautiful backdrop to the Wondrous Floral Prima transfer.  I used gilding wax for the gold accents on the mirror and the stripes on the sides of the vanity.  I did have some problems when the transfer that was supposed to go on the edge of the vanity twisted over on itself when I tried to apply it.  I had to order another transfer and some extra paint, which caused a delay  It was also a bit of a struggle to work on over the holidays, but now that everything is calmed down I am back to work.  The dimensions on the vanity are:  18 inches back to front, 61 from the floor to the top of the mirror, and 45 1/2 across the front.  The price on the set is $265.


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  2. They look really cool. I threw these things like a hundred times at different distances and only stuck a few. It's probably me sucking at it, internet search or. Ok update got a better piece of wood and they're sticking.

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