Saturday, February 20, 2021

50's TV Cabinet To Pretty Cool Bar

     If you have read my blog or followed my FB page, you know our lighting is really bad.  So, I wanted to make clear that the rectangles down on the bottom of the piece are really not yellow, it is a reflection from my flash, lol.  

    This TV set, made by the CBS-Columbia company was produced sometime between 1950-1959.  As you can see from the label on the back it could be used to receive color TV programs.  CBS was the first to be permitted to transmit color.  In long run, the quality was not good and the company eventually shut down production.  The original manual was still inside the cabinet.  The TV was no longer usable of course and I removed the insides.  It was really dusty!  There was also a turn table hanging out of the back of the cabinet.  I couldn't figure out at first how it fit in, but eventually found an L bracket that held the drawer where the turn table should have been.  Now that opens for more storage.  

    I kept the original knobs and station numbers.  I added a back to the bar storage area and the original glass front that protected the TV screen is now a shelf.  The lights will be added to the inside of the top of the bar.